Iconic Crossover Athletes

From the days of Joe Louis who’s hands were accurate both in the boxing ring as well as on the golf course, to the famous 80’s/90’s Nike ad campaign “Bo Knows”, athletes have been crossing over from sport to sport. 

Jordan dominated on the court but also attempted to swing for the fences with the White Sox minor league team. Deon Sanders danced into the end zone and afterwards ran the bases with the Braves. And of course we all fell in love with the commercials hailing Bo Jackson’s crossover and dominance of…. well everything. And even now more current with Connor Mcgregor’s boxing debut against one of the greatest boxers in history Floyd Mayweather in 2017, we continue to hope and see icons continue to challenge themselves.
KM gives a special shout out while pointing to the outfield because we dig our favorite athletes crushing it in different types of athletic uniforms.
Go Bananaz Go Monkeez!